25 Inspiring Brochure Design Ideas from Around the World

A powerful, compelling brochure design can make a huge difference. But as we all know, it isn’t easy to begin with a blank sheet of paper – especially if you’re a new organisation, or a startup without an existing identity to build from.

Everybody needs a little creative inspiration to get started.

So here’s the shortcut. We’ve scoured the web for the very best brochure designs – created by talented designers from around the world.

No matter what your business does, browsing through the examples below will have you brimming with creative brochure design ideas of your own!

01 – Wildlife Brigade

Javier Fuentes designed this elegant pocket folder, brochure and logo for conservation group, Wildlife Brigade.

The client had asked for a pocket folder containing information about their organisation. This contained a brochure, call to action and business card.

Javier went for a clean and elegant look to maximise readability, and also designed the Wildlife Brigade logo, shown below.

02 – Neue Corporate

Designed by Tugrul Ozmen, Art Director of Reclameworks – this modern corporate brochure takes inspiration from Switzerland, with a clean and crisp design incorporating the colours of the Swiss flag.


03 – Shoreditch Letting Brochure

London-based designer Alex Tomkins created this edgy brochure design for the Avant-garde complex.


04 – Tesla Model S Brochure

The bold new technologies Tesla Motors brings to the car industry call for bold brochure design ideas.

Serge Mistyukevych designed this bright and punchy brochure for Tesla’s Model S.


05 – Primavera Business Services

This example proves how you can use textures and patterns to create interest – with colour and imagery taking a back seat.

Pedro Matos has successfully used a variety of patterns, paper stocks and a little metallic ink to transform a formal, black and white document into an attractive brochure design idea, in keeping with the client’s business activities.


06 – MyHomeMatch® Brochure

Marisa Passos combined a clean layout with bold typography and colour in this company profile for MyHomeMatch – an online residential real estate marketplace matching homebuyers with developers and mortgage lenders in Nigeria.

The finished brochure design communicates in a clear and engaging way as a result.


07 – Latvian Book Market

We like the colour scheme used for this design – purple and violet being associated with imagination, magic and mystique.

Designer, Agris Bobrovs, created this brochure for the annual Latvian Book Market. The design uses playful illustrations to communicate notable facts and statistics on the Latvian book publishing industry.


08 – Belvedere Residence Brochure

Belvedere Residence is a sophisticated ocean front apartment building located at the north end of Itapema Beach in Santa Catarina, Brazil.

The brochure for the property, designed by Paulo Otte, reflects the more mature target market, with a traditional logo and brochure design.


09 – Etalon Group

This Annual Report for Etalon Group uses infographics to show new facilities, and spectacular panoramic photos of completed projects.

Designed by Andrew Gorkovenko.


10 – Primavera Consulting Brochure

Primavera Consulting offers specialized services of project management oriented to the implementation of Primavera’s solutions.

This brochure by Pedro Matos features case studies of key clients, as well as a description of the services offered, supported by illustrations.


12 – Poziom 511 Hotel & Spa

POZIOM 511 Design Hotel & SPA is a modern 4-star hotel set in the heart of Krakow-Czestochowa Highland, in Eagle Nests Landscape Park, Poland.

The Hotel is located on the top of the highest hill of Jura Highland, among the green trees and limestone rocks, next to the stunning ruins of Ogrodzieniec Castle. It offers luxurious and unpretentious leisure facilities together with the ability to relax away from the urban noise.

Paul Marcinkowski reflects this is the brochure’s design, using a simple, minimalist layout to express the spacious interiors and glass facades which bring the outside in.


13 – Raferia Rochi Lighting

Warsaw designer, Sebastian Bednarek, has captured the elegance and modernity of contemporary lighting firm, Raferia Rochi.


14 – Golden Ring Resort

Moscow-based design agency, 12 Points, developed this striking promotional brochure for the Golden Ring resort, near the ancient Russian town of Pereslavl Zalessky.

The rich colours and luxurious patterns give the design an air of grandeur and tradition.


15 – R&D Park of Krastsvetmet

The team behind this informational booklet took an intelligent, thoughtful approach that perfectly matches the feel of a research and development park.

Using basic materials, dark metallic colours and spiro-binding gives the brochure an industrial, mechanical feel.

X-ray images throughout, add a scientific, technological theme – the combined effect is a great brochure design idea for the R&D Park, show what the park is like from inside.


16 – ALE Capabilities Brochure

ALE are one of the biggest international heavy transportation and lifting contractors, with a global network of operating centres and a large fleet of heavy cranes, specialist transport and installation equipment.

Matthew Wyatt’s brochure design combines ALE’s powerful signature red with big, chunky uppercase statements to underline the company’s solid reputation for managing risk.

Statements are backed up by case studies throughout the brochure.


17 – Triton Towers Brochure

Farm Design in Pasadena, California, used jet black, spot UV varnish and metallic ink to give this property brochure a high-end feel.


18 – Vectorworks Brochure

Vectorworks, Inc. is a global design software developer serving the architecture, landscape and entertainment industries.

Anna Monroe created this suitably precise and architectural promotional brochure for the company.


19 – British Airways Corporate Responsibility

Kris Ellis contributed to this CR Report design by RR Donnelley.

It packs in a lot of content; text, facts and figures, whilst staying clear and highly readable.


20 – GIC Corporate Brochure

Wildfire Collaborative are a design studio based in Vietnam.

For this brochure design they used punchy, clipped images and bullet points to give the reader a brief overview of the client’s services.


21 – Genela Product Brochure

Polish graphic designer Tomasz Panek produced this vibrant product brochure for Genela, a Polish manufacturer of leather-bound organisers.


22 – Blueface User Guide

This Blueface User Guide is designed to help understand how to use Panasonic phones and how to manage Bluface account online. Created by Katarzyna Wojcikowska.


23 – Douglas & Gordon – Estate Agents

This is the corporate brochure designed for estate agency, Douglas & Gordon by Jonathan Davies.

Used as a device to attract investment, it clearly informs the reader about the company history, values and success.

A unique 360° graphic device was developed that when laser cut into the brochure slipcase, creates a striking immediate impact. This graphic language is continued throughout the brochure, thus creating a considered look and reflecting Douglas & Gordon’s attention to detail.


24 – IRB Medical Research

Sarai Glahn designed this brochure for the Institute for Research in Biomedicine in Barcelona.

The straight, boxed layout gives the brochure an air of seriousness, professionalism and precision that fits the medical research theme well. We like the way this formal, rigid layout is balanced by vibrant colour choices, so it’s never overbearing.


25 – LUSH Cosmetics Concept

Seoul-based designer, Mihyun Sim, used the LUSH Cosmetics brand as inspiration for this brochure, created for a personal project.

It carries the bold colour and punchy, black & white text we associate with the brand throughout the concept.


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